Operator Training 

Make Safety Your Priority

             We have a dedicated staff of professionals who have studied the O.S.H.A. Rules and Regulations and understand exactly what tools and information are necessary to achieve O.S.H.A. Compliance. Whether you want us to instruct your company trainers, safety department staff or the operators themselves, our formal training program combined with your on-site evaluation will provide you with the equipment needed to help you achieve compliance. 

Not only will you gain Compliance but the skills learned from our trainers will pay off in different ways as well. You will see improved productivity and greater life out of your equipment now that it is used properly. And that means more money in your pockets!


Employers know and understand the bottom line in their company finances. The bottom line in Operator Training is "the employer bears responsibility for training operators of P.I.T.". Non compliance can affect "your" bottom line. 

Flexible Class Offerings

North Coast Lift Truck, Inc. is ready with a team of trained professionals to help you comply with the O.S.H.A. 29 CFR 1910.178(1) regulations. We not only supply you with the tools you need, we also show you how to use them effectively from start to finish. Train-the-Trainer and Operator Training courses are offered on-site by North Coast Lift Truck, Inc. All training packages include; Instructor Guide Book, Student Handbook, Video's/CD, Evaluations, Certificates and are available after completion.

For more information on our training programs, Please email us or Call 1-800-538-5116